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Kingsmen Alley Trading is an online market place bringing you the best in VIP Travel Services, Pop Culture Merchandise, KISS Band Merchandise, home and family beauty products, environment friendly products and more.  Browse our family of vendors and click on a cover image to be directed to their websites.  Thank  you for visiting Kingsmen Alley Trading!  

Eclectic , Fanciful & Value Merchandise
KISS 4 Sale

The Best In New & Vintage KISS Band Merchandise and Memorabilia 

We are true-blue KISS Army members We take great pride in bringing to you the same professional service and attention that Hans Paulson provided KISS fans around the world for years. Presenting YOU, the KISS fan, KISS memorabilia, vintage/hard to find and unique “one of a kind” original pop culture merchandise is our goal. With our desire to provide you exceptional service and the availability of our global shipping option, we are sure you will be so pleased with the KISS memorabilia that you receive, you will tell all your friends that we are your #1 place to come for all things KISS!



A brand which celebrates everyone’s uniqueness, talents, and love. A brand that fights for equality and diversity 365 days a year, leaving stereotypes at the door and ignoring the expectations that society pushes on individuals. OUT Cosmetics is more than just a makeup brand, it’s about promoting self-love and accepting yourself unapologetically. Be Unique. Be Proud. Be You.

Kingsmen Alley Luxury Travel​


Kingsmen Alley is a boutique styled, expert, full service,  VIP Travel Agency. From dinner reservations to exclusive tours, we will research, book and customize every aspect of your vacation. We’ll secure all of your amenities from event tickets to transportation arrangements to create a truly unique experience for you or your group.  Our value added services will exceed your expectations!  FREE upgrades! NO booking fees!  Special perks!



We are innovating and leading the way to sustain our planet earth!

Our selection of environment friendly products includes home and family beauty products, plates, cups, utensils, clam shells, food to go containers, tooth brushes, body soaps, wipes, laundry detergent, lotions, fragrance products, air fresheners, cleaning products and more.  Visit us at to view our digital catalog.

IdeaEarth is a certified Service Disabled Veteran owned wholesaler of eco-friendly, biodegradable, recycled and botanical products that support current government laws and environment friendly practices to completely replace plastics and items with petroleum by-product & chemicals. As the most influential company in the world with thousands of square feet of manufacturing space and hundreds of workers, we care very much about our environment, our staff and our planet.

Men On Vacation


#luxury or #naughty. You decide. (We recommend both) We can plan it; as a matter of fact, it is likely that we have been there. 

Plan your dream getaway with Men On Vacation Today! A Veteran Owned Small Business.

Whatever you and your travel savvy band of brothers are looking for, Men On Vacation has what it takes to make the guys’ trip a success. Get ready to start crossing some of the hottest travel destination off of your bucket list. Men on Vacation is your quintessential travel partner because we are an experiential VIP Travel Agency! We have most likely been to where you want to go.

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In the best British Tradition, Kingsmen Alley is designed for those of status and the highest levels of service expectation.

Join us for tea and experience the difference when you trust us.

In the 64th year of the reign of the United Kingdom’s Sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a Royal Lordship was bestowed on Michael Patton of the United States of America.

This Royal Lordship of the Manor of Doughton in County of Hertfordshire has been bestowed in compliance with the 1925 Honours Act and to the most humble of Her Majesty’s subjects.

The Feudal Lordship title was once held by His Majesty King Henry VII and dates back to 1059